Welcome friend!

My vow is to help victims of systemic violence break the cycle of intergenerational trauma and pass on a legacy of love.

I am a first generation bi-racial woman of indigenous descent who has several years of experience advocating for social change. I have worked with Puerto Rican women’s cooking collectives, African American neighborhood groups, immigrant and refuge communities. I have been a nanny, researcher, doctoral student, mindfulness teacher, child advocate, lay zen teacher in training and community organizer among many other roles.

The offerings listed here synthesize social justice and mindfulness to create spaces of belonging where people leverage their privilege for one another to nurture collective wellbeing.

I feel grateful to the many friends who continue to help me realize my vision and support healing and wellness in our community.

I can’t do it alone. I hope you will join me.

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“Every interaction with Leticia asks me to grow, laugh, be courageous, and usually dance or sing too. There is no Being on this planet too small for Leticia’s dedication of love and care. Her presence beams through compassionate eyes, and her joyous laugh brings buoyancy to the important work she’s always on duty for. With skillful tact, her words ask us all to grow, and heal, and embody actions that allow others to do the same. I’ve never seen her fierce love waver. It’s there when she guides families into loving more wholly, or guides a group of white women in seeing their fragility that’s holding racism in place. It’s there when she honors the Earth and calls others to join. It reaches out into the community to give to those that give so much without the support of so many. Leticia has shown us how simple and joyful community care really is.” -Callista